Hardly Myself

Despite your already expressed sometimes somewhat
repressive tendency
towards these behaviors,
let us try a lesson.

Forewarned of the worst but nonetheless you hop towards the best, wilding out but managing, forget the rest.

We can’t won’t or don’t say a few too many words we can’t unsay, but most unsaid is the why, or content of love not hate, but spite the fates that put you through it, you are a solo act but it doesn’t ends up that way I guarantee you that

Hating world, so called out, to arms with us all, we must weed them out, for the cause being the best means, hounding one’s sorry thoughts, not sorry for being hard on all, being as you are omnipotent yourselves.

Forsake forgiving, can’t won’t or maybe just don’t imagine the situation, systematic yet resistant,
but they’re all so different.

Choice is are there to choose, pick words and make them nice, and let it go, weigh the odds, and goodwill takes its place


Follow now slow down the words are difficult don’t repeat it isn’t you it’s ok really but just cause damaged goods can’t halt them for years to come things to say you feel the fear today is a new day just as good as the lasting attempts to tell them we’re specs, alone in a cold empty world.


A/B tested vitamin free
Rate of CBD-NI-NO VG/PG-a-Ok

Anonymous Acronyms justification lead the names
less as given

Buy only on no one liner known by many in divided interealms from a social psycho, exact facts contrary

Exhaust the cost suffice to
Let’s not and say pause as we remember the unreal sacrifice casually in actuality we did not cause the reality in it’s making, wouldn’t wanna exacerbate


Fiat wars wages high living
Coersed Asinine Shit Hole
Cash in
move up
get out

Hit me up I’m on top of the CO2SO2CH4, O3
it’s the air you breathe
Paying prayers for trash
while the jist let it be
Just sleeping, reaping, and creeping sown cat trophies

Leapfrog me its justified
justice ify but FYI broke
outside as it passed in mass
Whatever to do but be daft to avoid I before
Y O U R Preposterous RE

Alay lies lying
facedown and out faced Partygoers parry problems so let’s settle meant no goal just good ol’ gold
guts gone spine hung
Should’ve would’ve could’ve
Been a member time again hopefully past